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Our unique approach reaches the deep roots of trauma, PTSD, sexual abuse, addictive behaviors and family dysfunction. Enter your email address to get a copy of the book Is Real Change and Healing Even Possible? by Jeff Schadt and receive occasional updates from Jeff and his team.


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Testimonials from Our Satisfied Clients

Jeff Schadt President of Revive Family

"I have used innumerable types of healing methods for trauma and "headtrash" and have worked with many talented facilitators. I've never seen a process as wide-ranging and complete as my work with Revive Family. The intensive delivered a major shift in perspective on my entire childhood. Our work together liberated parts of myself that had been trapped for years. If you are struggling with behaviors or difficult relationships, you will find great help here."

Perry Marshall, Author 80/20 Sales & Marketing and Evolution 2.0

Perry's Podcast: His Healing Process

"Our journey with Jeff began a couple years ago. We began with the free Influential Parenting video course on the Revive Family site. Started virtual sessions and then visited beautiful Colorado for a Family Intensive. We are so grateful for the healing taking place in our family, we began a One Rule Home group in our community. The One Rule Home is an absolute ‘must read’."

"I have pursued emotional and mental healing from numerous sources for over 15 years, from the most orthodox to the most unorthodox. But when I stumbled across Revive Family, issues I'd faced my whole life disappeared in a matter of months. Our whole family, kids included, are closer than they've ever been, or I even imagined possible. Even the sky seems different, more vibrant."

Heston Glenn Entrepreneur and Business Coach

"Absolutely the best solutions for parents that is available today. Jeff is uniquely qualified as a leader in the field of childhood/adolescence/adult transition. Give him a try and you will not be disappointed. He knows this territory like a faithful mountain guide"

Scott Pixler, Father of 3 and Pastor

"Jeff changed the way we parented our oldest daughter, and turned a family in crisis to a solid family where healing can occur and relationships restored."

Bob Hernon

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