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Do you feel disconnected from your child? Are they on a path that feels risky, scary or foreign?

We are here to help! Your child, pre-teen or teen isn’t rebellious, they’re likely negative inside, hurt and confused. They’re lost in a culture that values acceptance over substance. So many pre-teens and teens end up in a place they do not desire and never planned on. They often do not know how to find their way home.

A whopping 80% of Christian teens will leave the faith when they leave home. When our kids begin to choose mindsets, behaviors, and beliefs outside our family values, it begins to feel hopeless. In this position it is easy to become negative, hurt and loose hope as a parent. Please don’t, there is alway hope!

When a parenting style is no longer effective it’s time to re-learn how to love and lead our families in a new and more positive manner”.

Revive Family is a non profit organization devoted to bringing hope and healing to parents and kids. We provide our Influential Parenting Academy Free because we want to reverse the loss of youth from the church.

To accomplish this we need to come alongside as many families as possible which is why we provide our resources for free. We do not want money to get in your way. Healthy families are the key to having healthy, positive, and confident kids who will stand firm in their faith as they head out on their own.

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As parents it is easy to feel like we are failing. Yet…. it is often said we learn more from our failures, than our successes. Maybe its time to adopt a new and more positive perspective of your role in your kids’ lives as they transition from being child (6) to an adolescent (9) and especially as they become a teen. It will make a world of difference in your home.


We may feel like we are trapped , but when our perspective shifts, change becomes easy. Revive Family brings a dramatic shift to how we see ourselves as parents and the role we play in our kids lives that makes all the difference. Whether things are going ok, or you have a challenging teen, pre-teen or even toddler, some times all we need is to see our situation differently.


Revive Family has the resources and support to lead your family to joy and hope. We’ve seen it happen many times. Your family can thrive! Let’s sum it up in the words of an actual teen…

“You made our whole family better!”
Julie Heron (Age 17)


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