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Revive Family has an amazing opportunity in 2020 to serve the Church like Jesus did. We have connected with CDMG a marketing firm that has reviewed our online offering, site and market.  They believe we will be able to help 3 to 5 times more families and end up with a better financial outcome if we give the class, implementation guide and parent support calls away for free!

Jesus did not charge for his teaching and healing and neither will we! 

This is the reason we will reach out to two groups:

 20,000 Parents

    20,000 Churches

CDMG will assemble the lists and identify the messages, and channels that will result in us reaching more families and with hope and healing that will lead to sustainable expansion.


When parents lead like the good Shepherd, kid’s lives change dramatically.   Help us put a dent in the estimated 26,000,000 kids who have some form of escape behavior that is damaging their faith and values by helping their parents reach the hearts of their kids!

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