Resources for Young Adults

Resources for Young Adults

Given our long history of talking directly with young people about their lives, motivation issues, and struggles we have developed resources for adolescents that are changing lives.


Is a college transition program that helps teens and parents understand the challenges college students FACE WHEN LEAVING HOME. Parents report that succeed opened up conversation with their kids that they needed to have. Kids tell us the college student videos around each topic caused them to reconsider the importance of their faith and helped them make better decisions the first weeks and semester on campus.

Succeed is available as an audio book, online class or DVD. Registration at our website gives you access to all our blogs, podcasts, Going, Going, Gone a vital audio/e-book on adolescent faith loss, Succeed and our full Influential Parenting program. It also gives you access to conference calls with Jeff and our coming Facebook Live Events for parents where your questions can be answered.

It’s Your Life

A live session or train-the-trainer option for schools and churches that want to empower their students. Help your students understand themselves, see themselves in a more positive light and identify the sources of their frustration, motivation issues and questionable decisions empowering them to make a change. They walk away positive about themselves, their lives and futures.

We expect this to be an audio book and online class for families in 2020.


Reboot is only for those who wish to take a deep dive and desire to see change in the culture among the students in their youth group or school. Reboot is a powerful life and group altering retreat. Reboot’s discussion based approach examines the biblical nature of love, something students’ desire, but do not understand. Then the group assesses their culture in this context and explore what they truly desire leading to a group commitment and open sharing like few have seen before. Walls come down, tears are shed and freedom is discovered in the light that leads to renewed faith, changed lives, and a desire to care for others. Let’s talk about conducting a reboot for your students today.

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