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Jeff Schadt’s journey to understand his own kids, started with his earth shattering research with 3,000 kids and his book will change the way you see the problem, your kid, and your faith.

Are you concerned, frustrated or losing hope? Are repeated behavior patterns leading to distance in the relationship or conflict with your child?

If traditional answers aren’t working, this book’s gripping stories, research, and biblical insights will enable you to break through to your kid.

So many parenting books come to similar conclusions that don’t really work! NOT THE ONE RULE HOME!!! If you do not find the insights compelling, we will refund your money, no questions asked.

If you’re losing hope, don’t delay, there are answers that bring real hope and real healing for your relationship and the life of your kid.

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This paperback book has 310 pages, includes key concepts and reflection questions for each section. While supplies last, this book is free and shipping (in the United States) is included.

NOTE: We want to get these into the hands of as many families as possible. Please do not order more than one per family. We have a limited number of The One Rule Home books that we can offer for FREE.

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