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Unlock the Secrets of the Good Shepherd

Let’s Revive Our Families:
Unlocking the Secrets of the Good Shepherd

Come explore how we lead in a manner that will have our kids chasing us around the lake like the Good Shepherd.  Imagine having such influence in your kids lives.  Influence that has them looking up to you, seeking your advice, and involving you in their decisions. We wonder is this even possible today? It is!

How do we achieve such influence in our kids’ lives and maintain it through the adolescent years?  These are the questions Jeff sought to answer in his research given what he saw happening with his oldest Heather. This search led to unconventional wisdom that has parents saying “I wish I had heard this sooner!” Come interact with Jeff and explore how arrive at a place of lasting influence.

Join Jeff Schadt May 5th at Westside Vineyard Church for an interactive exploration of how we gain amazing influence in our kids lives.  Come for dinner at 5:30 with your family because the evening includes a session for Middle School and High School Students called It’s Your Life that will help them take more responsibility for their success.  Saturday the 5th costs just $20 per family.

You will not be disappointed!

Let’s Revive Our Families Together

Reviving Our Families Together
Revive Family offers parents hope for the family we desire, but may believe is out of reach. If you desire peace, enjoyment, closer relationships, and more cooperative kids.
Join us: Friday, May 4th form 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM for a free parenting event. Interact with Jeff Schadt, Revive Family’s founder.
Every week Jeff helps parents transform their kids as a family mentor, motivational speaker and host of a radio program and podcast Parenting in the 21st Century. Experience his passion and unconventional wisdom that will leave you thinking, “Why have I never heard this before?”
His research with thousands of students lead to surprising conclusions that revealed non-traditional answers to common frustrations. Come and learn to target the root of behavioral and relationship issues that take the joy out of being a parent.
You will not be disappointed!
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