After doing full-time youth ministry for over 15 years, I came to realize that our approach to ministering to students in America has, by and large, been an epic failure. I have watched student after student walk away from their faith and the church… Even the “godly ones” and the “good kids.” It’s time that we rethink student ministry and truly help teenagers take on Jesus’ easy burden, follow the Holy Spirit, and stop loading them down with mans’ expectations. God used the REBOOT weekend in our youth group to do exactly that. The REBOOT weekend was not only life-changing for students, but ministry-altering for our student ministries. After Reboot our students cannot wait for Jeff to come talk to their parents in the spring. Our students will actually be inviting their parents to attend the Secrets of Influential Parenting seminar!

Matt MaibergerYouth PastorSoutheast Christian Church, Parker, Colorado
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