At first, it was difficult to wrap our brain around this concept of parenting, but we were out of options and we wanted our kids to turn toward us, not away-towards the world. We’re still working this out in our family, but we saw instant results. INSTANT. We didn’t complete the entire series … but what we have learned is already such a blessing to our family. We’re so grateful!

Cece D.Florida

We have followed through with your homework assignments from the seminar and taken our oldest out to eat twice. We had a great time and she loved it. She and I have taken the Strengths Finder test and she loved that. She is loving this whole idea that we are helping her to discover what she wants to do with her life and make her own plan and that we are here to support her and help her succeed. It has made her more enthusiastic about school and her future and way more communicative. Thanks so much for your seminar!

Bernesce TeemMom of Pre-teens and Teens

You Changed My Son Through Me!

Rick RablinFather of 17 year old

I was extremely pleased with the whole weekend. I spoke with my Youth leadership team last evening and they also were very impressed and pleased with the weekend. The parents that I spoke with on Sunday after attending the CTI Conference were so grateful to have had the opportunity to sit under your teaching. They sincerely appreciated the common sense approach that you took and the challenge to move from a protection mode to a Shepherding mode in their parenting. I know that a few of the families, where only one spouse was able to attend and will both be attending the conference at Seattle Christian in October.

Dave AndersonFamily PastorEdmonds, Washington

From a father’s point of view, The Secrets of Influential Parenting is life changing! I don’t know how else to describe it. My wife and I have read many parenting books but none of them impacted us like this. I am constantly looking for shepherding moments instead of getting on my kids for something! It has made a difference in how they respond. From a Pastor’s point of view, this has healthy relationships written all over it! Healthy individuals make up healthy relationships…they also make healthy churches! Pastors should be jumping all over this!!!

Mike McGinnesSenior PastorSyracuse, New York

After doing full-time youth ministry for over 15 years, I came to realize that our approach to ministering to students in America has, by and large, been an epic failure. I have watched student after student walk away from their faith and the church… Even the “godly ones” and the “good kids.” It’s time that we rethink student ministry and truly help teenagers take on Jesus’ easy burden, follow the Holy Spirit, and stop loading them down with mans’ expectations. God used the REBOOT weekend in our youth group to do exactly that. The REBOOT weekend was not only life-changing for students, but ministry-altering for our student ministries. After Reboot our students cannot wait for Jeff to come talk to their parents in the spring. Our students will actually be inviting their parents to attend the Secrets of Influential Parenting seminar!

Matt MaibergerYouth PastorSoutheast Christian Church, Parker, Colorado

No words can describe the personal experience that happened during that weekend. We all came together as a family in a way we never have before. Strong friendships and trust were built and we all realized how important it is to be honest about who you are and to hold each other accountable to keep ourselves grounded.

High School Junior

Jeff’s coaching provided me a chance to literally get my life back and understand how valuable it is. I’ve never felt more motivated and have a vision for my future!

Sarah V.14 year old student

Our family met Jeff in 2011. As a blended family we have challenges original families don’t, like an ex or two. Anger deep rooted from our own childhoods compounded by the hurt from each divorce, and different parenting styles, was getting in the way. Jeff dug deeper and more authentically than any Psychologist has before, helping us get past those deep hurts that prevented us from being the parents we wanted to be. He saved our marriage. Jeff focuses on the root and the cause, helping you understand where it came from and how to heal it. I saw the most significant change in my husband as he let go of major hurts, his relationship blossomed with his step-daughter. We are forever grateful!

Diane G.Seattle, Washington

Wow! You and Influential Parenting are the bridge that I needed in our family, and between me and my daughter.

Manuela McveyWorking Mom

As a mom and professional counselor I have reviewed many parenting programs. Influential Parenting is now my number one resource for parents!

Holly Pankratzmom of three adolescents
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