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Given our mission to bring hope and healing to parents and kids Revive Family offers our resources free of charge. Why? Because we do not want money to get in the way of parents and kids getting the help they are looking for. We believe those who benefit and can, will pay it forward by donating to help us reach and assist more families.

Influential Parenting Academy.

Is your kid chasing you around the lake? If not, Influential Parenting is for you.

Our Influential Parenting Academy is based upon the leadership principles of the Good Shepherd who had 5,000 chasing him around the lake when He was trying to slip away.

Influential Parenting reshapes our view of parenting, altering the way we view our kids and our role in their lives in a powerful way; helping us target the root of issues rather than trying to force the changes we desire into their lives.

God desires that we join him in changing the hearts of our kids. When parents become influential leaders in their kids lives it is amazing how the relationship improves as the God given influence we were granted in our kids lives is restored, leading to happier, healthier kids who listen to us, make far better decisions and that will remain in the faith when they leave our homes.

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Parent Support Phone Calls:

Parents who participate in the Influential Parenting Academy will be invited to participate in FREE Weekly Parent Support Calls after they reach the implementation process. These calls with Jeff Schadt and other influential parents provide a safe place for parents to interact, ask their questions and share their situations. as we work together to become better parents. These calls will also allow you to get your questions answered and gain insights into how to handle specific situations you are facing in your home!

Blog and Podcast Archives.

Revive Family offers full access to its podcast and blog archives for free. These resources encourage moms and dads and offer insights and concepts, supported by research, that help us become the parents we all desire to be. Whether you are dealing with depression, behavior issues, seeking to better understand your child or just needing ideas on how to be a more loving parent, our archive of over 100 podcasts and 150 blog posts will offer you the assistance you are looking for.

Here Are a Few of Our Most Recent Blog Posts

Radio Program “Connecting Hearts”

Jeff is on the air every week on The Faith Radio Network with insights, research and concepts that help parents understand and connect with their kid at a deeper level.

Faith Radio
Jeff Schadt on Faith Radio

Revive Family My Situation Papers

Revive Family offers a series of free white papers related to common issues parents encounter. Download them for free today.

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