Living Behind God’s Shield

II Samuel 22:31
“As for God, his way is perfect: The Lord’s word is flawless; he shields all who take refuge in him.”

At times we all desire for God to be our shield. Sadly many of the students I see do not see the Lord as a refuge.

Instead they question why they have been hurt. Why did God not prevent it or protect them? They do not realize it may be because they are not living within His refuge. They tend to doubt God and their faith especially when there are unresolved hurts from family members who believe in the Lord.

As parents it is vital to take refuge in the Lord when things concern and worry us. When we are worried, it is easy to step away from his refuge and the sense of faith, safety and security God provides. It becomes easy to allow our feelings to rule us which results in our being more worried, fearful or easily hurt. We can respond in ways that do not look like Jesus the Good Shepherd. When I do so, it often leads to hurt in my kids’ lives.

The Lord shields us from harm and harming those closest to us when we take refuge in the comfort of his love, power and ability to protect us and our kids.  When we respond like Jesus it draws our kids closer rather than unintentionally pushing them away.

If you are in a storm take refuge and ask God to give you eyes to see the situation like the Good Shepherd and how He would seek to touch the hearts of those closest to you. Let’s pray for God to show us how to take refuge in him this week as we endeavor to be more like Jesus each and every day.


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