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Lessons from a Technology Outage: A Technology Fast

There is no question technology makes things easier and faster, when it’s working… but does it make life better?  What would happen if we lost all cell and internet service?
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Parenting with Love – Part Two

We all want to feel connected in our homes. We want to be close to our kids. This becomes difficult when the sense of being loved breaks down due to issues and conflicts. We can lose the desire to please each other. By contrast, when everyone is feeling loved, cooperation springs forth. Helping each other becomes easy because we feel loved and understood.

So what is love? Is it a feeling, an emotion, a connection, a commitment, positivity or an obligation? To work within a family structure love needs to contain an element of all of the above because feelings shift from day to day.

Let’s examine the nature of love through some helpful research and practical examples that will expand our understanding and appreciation of love.

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