How to Help Your Struggling Teen

How to Help Your Struggling Teen

Parents often ask me how they can help their struggling teen. Many expect common answers and are surprised when I ask them a couple of questions like:

  • Do you understand how they are feeling about you, your relationship, the family and themselves?
  • Do you understand the adolescent brain and how it is impacting your kid as well as your interactions with them?
  • Does your kid have their own goals for the relationship with you and their siblings as well as their grades, sports and activities?

To help a struggling teen one must first understand that teens are more emotional than factual and more concerned about community, relationships and fairness than right and wrong. Trying to help a struggling teen by focusing on their mistakes, bad decisions, and weaknesses will only lead to more distance, isolation and in some cases, conflict.

To help a struggling teen we must have access to have deeper discussions, open communication and master the art of asking thought provoking questions. Every teen wants to succeed. They need us at their sides to help them believe in themselves and their ability to change.

If you have a struggling teen please take our online class and use the implementation guide. It will help restore any issues in the relationship and open up the conversations you need to have.

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